Welcome to Blue Fool Games!

I am Mike Blascoe, the Blue Fool himself. I'm an independent board game and card game designer, focusing on casual games with a focus on educational, historically-researched, entertaining games. My goal is to create games that I enjoy playing, games that invite thought and creativity, but can be played casually with friends (or by yourself). I hope to take my historical interests and hobbies and turn them into games that are interactive, educational, and entertaining.

I produce my games at The Game Crafter, a print-on demand website where my games are currently priced barely above production cost. In the future, when I have the resources to order my games in bulk, I will be able to sell them through this site. All of my games currently range from prototype to first edition, and will be updated as they improve.

Right now, my priority is to get attention, spread the word. I need likes on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. The more attention I get, the sooner I can produce full-quality games, start a Kickstarter, and make this real.

Thanks for stopping by!