The year is 1525 in the Republic of Florence,and the city-state prospers under the rule of the Medicis. It is a time of artistry, of education, and of invention. All over the land, people are vying to find a patron, one of the rich noble families who will support and encourage a creative soul with their wealth, fame, and good name.

One of the members of these illustrious nobility is looking for a fresh, young mind to carry into the halls of history. To find the best and brightest, the Patron has organized a challenge. All geniuses should seek to emulate the greatest man of their time, Leonardo da Vinci, and therefore, the most worthy artist will be the one who can turn Leonardo's dreams into reality.

Your job, as one of the Patron's hopeful aspirants, is to recruit a team of engineers to study and build a replica of one of da Vinci's designs, and complete a test run of one of his vehicles. The first recruit to successfully assemble and race the proposed machine will win the coveted spot in the Patron's household. Do you have what it takes to win?